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Conceptual Book Design - Margarita, te voy a contar un cuento...

I immigrated to Canada 12 years ago when I was 9 years old, and have not returned since. The house in Margarita was the only place my mother promised us we would return to, as the rest of the country was too dangerous to visit. This home was sold in 2012 and no longer belongs to my family. With this project I decided to reflect on this home and the memories within it as a self portrait, a representation of the past and of places that no longer exist. This home is a metaphor for my immigration and displacement, and represents a time when my family was gathered together, and we had not yet left the country.

This book is a love letter to my family, to this house, and it captures parts of my life that I wish I could hold on to and visit, but only have memories to keep it alive.

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