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Cecilia Salcedo

Margarita, te voy a contar un cuento...
Margarita, I'm going to tell you a story...

My family used to own a house on Margarita Island in Venezuela, and it was the only place my mother promised us we would return to after coming to Canada in 2007. This is where my most beloved childhood memories took place, however the house was sold in 2012.
This book is a memorial of that house.

This home is a metaphor for my immigration and displacement, and represents a time when my family was gathered together, and we had not yet left the country.

The content in the book was taken from emails and drawings my family members sent in response to the news that the house was sold, as well as the famous poem "Margarita" by Rubén Darío. The materiality of this project is in direct relation to the content of the writing. Using white toner on light grey paper allowed me to remember this house by capturing the ephemerality and fleeting nature of the memories connected with it.